About:  On the Avenue

In this series, I attempt to capture this old fishing village that I have lovingly come to call home. The first round of pieces depicted Ballard Avenue in Fall and Winter. The current round of pieces expand from the Avenue to capture Ballard in Spring and Summer.




Selected Press Links for  2010’s Bearing Witness/adaptaion:

Lina Raymond – Page 1 – Calendar – Seattle – Seattle Weekly

  About:  Sugar on a Burn (new paintings; April 2011)


About: Bearing Witness / adaptation   2010   acrylic paintings  

I live and work in a 100 year-old Ballard building where over recent time, if the views aren’t blocked by condos or new construction, looks out onto now vacant businesses.  Down the streets are more emptied storefronts and ruins of beloved places torn down. It was starting to feel personal. In November, 2009 I began painting ‘it’, only realizing why after the fact.

I lost a beloved business once, a devastating experience that can destroy one (and almost destroyed me). That experience was the first in what turned out to be an exponentially-worsening perfect storm that stole a decade of my life. Eventually I survived it by painting it out. Years later, I again painted the pain of being weeded out, but this time as an observer. From this vantage point I found it’s mostly chain link, realtor signage, remains of what’s been razed, and, a rare heroic example of one who absolutely refused (to her death), to be bulldozed aside and declared obsolete.  Paving paradise to put up parking lots is personal, and we adapt or not.

About me…

Starting out as a promising teenage artist, I detoured on a long winding road before returning to where I belong.

Fresh out of a Southern California high school, I made my living as a window display artist, floral designer, and wig stylist before doing a 12-year stint as an actress on primetime television. While my son was in high school, I left acting and remodeled houses. When my son left the nest, I dove in with all that was in me as the inventor and founder of a non-dairy ice cream product line. When my popular product and busy, happy little company were confronted with an unavoidable corporate struggle, we won the battle but lost the war (that my company did not survive).

Unfortunately, my struggle to cope with that loss was only the first in a series of events and challenges that led to a lost decade. As I began to heal, I began painting again, and it was through art that I finally recovered.  I now keep my life as simple as possible and  I’ve never been more at peace.


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